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I'm surprised that we're still livin'

This week (with the twin exceptions of dinner at Chef Chu's with mizkit and the gang, and the grand relief of the Biology class being over) has been the sort of godawful that I refuse to write up, because spending time crafting it into complete sentences feels like adding insult to injury. Just be assured, it was awful. (Highlights: planned downtime, unplanned downtime, disk failure, company ground to a halt, rescheduled Bio final, wrote and submitted overdue Bio paper, gravely insulted by idiot community college faculty member, probably failed O-chem midterm, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, haven't been home since Monday. That will serve.)

In a spasm of needing to relax and at least pretend to celebrate the end of Biology, I finished reading the latest Stephanie Barron Jane Austen mystery. To which I say: AUGH! (Few series writers have the balls that this woman has. I approve. I'm also being deliberately vague as to not spoil it for the spoiler-sensitive.)

Looking forward to spending Sunday afternoon in Davis looking at and talking about horses. The rest of the weekend, I will be home, studying o-chem and cleaning litter boxes.

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