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Pasty-ass white girls should not put on sleeveless shirts and then head out in the sun to load babies who don't want to be loaded. I am good and crispy. Petit Point and Reyes are home, though. Reyes has suddenly realized that he is small and the world is big, changeable and scary. In consequence of which, he is glued to Petit Point, which is probably to the good, as I would rather not have to fish him out of the barbed wire fence any time soon.

I have also spent zillions of hours, it seems, studying !@#$ alcohols, which I thought I had a grip on from the first test, but apparently not. Final's tomorrow at noon. Boy, do I have work to do.

Amazingly, despite insufficient sleep, I got everyone supplemented this morning, and the cats fed and watered and given clean litterboxes. Food got made last night, so I have lunches to bring, and good progress has been made at work. It's amazing what I can get done once the PMS lifts.

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