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seduced by the noise and the bright things that glisten

So khajja_meezer and I have committed to taking Petit Point and Capucine to a 10 mile fun ride (it's a clinic / teaching ride for would be endurance riders, which would be, well, us) in Oakland in late September.

This is all very cool, and I am looking forward to it. Except where it requires, well, getting on a horse. I don't know that I have written about this here before, but somewhere down the line, I got extremely freaky about mounting. Once I am on the horse I am fine, but yikes, that six inches of clear air, off balance and committed with no way to back out... um.

So that's why, despite having five horses, I ride about once a year, when I manage to set up a situation where I have to deal with the fear and get on.

Therefore I am setting myself up to have to ride slightly more often. :-)

Talked about the conditioning aspects with Michael, who may come as well. He opined that any horse that is outside all the time is probably in shape to do ten miles at a walk, and was reassuring about the weight issue as well (my other reliable panic point). Capucine, who is at his place to be dosed daily with Regumate, will be tested this week to see if we can stop the drug, which the vet expects will be the case. Once she's off the Regumate, she can come home and Rahat will go back, and I'll have all my horses in one place again, wow.

So I put on my much-abused riding boots this morning, after picking a whole lot of dust out of the laces (er). Fortunately it's shady and relatively cool right now. All I have to do is walk down the hill, put a bridle on Petit Point and a helmet on me, and get on.

Wish me sanity.

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