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insanity abounds

Looking at my outbox, I see that I have just volunteered to spend from early evening 31 July to 5:15am 1 August in Auburn, CA, staring at a web page and occasionally updating a leaderboard for the 50th anniversary running of the Tevis Cup.

Who needs sleep, right? Not me, because after that I drive down to Davis for CoV's Lammas ritual, wherein we will reenact Inanna's descent to the underworld, and make seed balls.

Since my last posting, I have bombed an o-chem midterm, aced my other two midterms, and ridden Petit Point three times. Last time was yesterday; my jeans are still dirty, as laundry proceeds apace. Or, uh, maybe I should get up from the keyboard (bad KoL, bad!) and make it proceed some more.

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