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an acute attack of entropy, continued

Slept poorly-to-not-at-all, as was keeping an ear cocked for Palisades getting in trouble.

Went out at six am to discover that he had managed to dig holes in one foreleg, and get himself well scratched up otherwise, in his escapade. Turned him loose to eat and drink, while I stuck the fence back together, except for needing a bunch of wood screws. Turned on the charger. Broke out the fence tester. No charge. Well, that's not going to keep friend horse where he belongs.

Hosed his leg, tied him up again, came in and applied some thought to the problem. I have ordered a good solar charger (better than the original, which has probably lasted much longer than it should have been expected to do). It will arrive Friday, as I couldn't quite bring myself to drop $90 on next day air shipping. Meanwhile, I had toyed with calling one or more horse friends and begging for stall space for a few days, but if I have to change the bad tire on the trailer, hitch up blind (which is to say, with the new camper on the back of the truck) and haul somewhere.... I will be unhappy indeed.

So, backup plan: buy any damn charger locally, and return it when the real one comes. This feels sleazy, but I'm running out of workable options. Or energy for generating options.

It's a good thing I like that horse. Otherwise, I'd have skipped gelding and gone straight for the horsehide sofa option.

Have no idea how I will get myself out of here by 10:30 so that I can at least make o-chem lecture at 12:35.

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