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Distinctly sorry to have skipped Folsom with my sweetie on Sunday, although given how wiped out I was and how late I got to SJ, I'm not utterly regretful. Just sorry. It is our anniversary (we had a lovely dinner at Fish Market together instead of braving the mobs), and it does only come round once a year.

P-chem homework: evil. Due ~2pm tomorrow. Incomplete, because of 3 problems I just couldn't get a handle on. Appalled at the amount of websearching I've had to do to complete the rest of the set.

Frustrated and mood-swingy seems to describe my day, my week, and quite possibly all the time since I got back from witchcamp. I have been yielding to the temptation of the sugar rush as a distraction from my feelings, and that's precisely the short term fix / long term fuckup that I need to learn to STOP DOING.

Intended to go home tonight. Have not. Frustrated. Staring the predicted financial hole (from taking a week off work to go to witchcamp; the life of the contractor does not include paid vacations) in the face. Unpleasant.

Very tired of long commutes, though I did at least figure out that the reason is that I'm unconsciously waiting for something *else* on my car to fail that I can't afford to fix (it's 13 years old, has 250K miles on it, and is in dire need of new tires, so the question is when, not if.) So now I will drive from Benicia to San Jose so I can drive to Hayward in the morning.

Spent all damned day (that is, upwards of 10 hours) at work trying to install RedHat ES 3 on a Windows box. Have completely failed to either write a bootable floppy or a bootable CD ROM.

Did I mention frustrated?

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