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Rosin Coven is playing at Cafe du Nord tonight (1 October). If I weren't at the state of "if I have to kill someone to get home tonight, I will", I'd be there. If SF is an easier drive for you than for me, I'll note that I had a lovely time the last time I saw them play (not including my mad crush on the bass player).

News flashes, because running into the lovely and talented marith on Tuesday at Dana Street Roasting Co. made me realize that, while my LJ has been useful as a repository for whinage lately, I haven't actually noted any of the significant changes in my life here. So if you haven't been lucky enough to run into me during the infrequent periods when I'm sitting still attempting to do homework, you're behind!

Anyway, I have a short-term housemate who is spoiling me rotten. Take a bow, khajja_meezer, aka Kat. Part of her spoiling me is that we're now fostering a dog for the local GSD rescue. Isn't he pretty?


I am registered for 15 units at school; attempting to put in 30 hours a week at work still, at least until they don't need me any more (anticipated within the next six months), and still wrestling with What To Do after that.

Also, you know, driving too much and not sleeping enough.

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