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Boring food entry:

3 pieces bacon
3 eggs scrambled (in the bacon fat)

yummy homemade pot roast (beef, onions, leeks, carrots, etc)
serving size: about .8lb meat before cooking (a bit much)

Chef Choy, ordered their mongolian chicken and mu shu pork (sans wrappers), ate about half of each, brought the rest home.

A venti breve latte, half-caf. A grande coffee, half-caf, with a slice of the low-carb almond-crusted cheesecake (this at B&N; I had to try it).

Result: I feel a Whole Lot Better. In particular, I suspect the eye-popping, skull-smashing headache of the past few days to be primarily caffeine withdrawal (along with dehydration and, basically, eating crap), because the faint echo I had during and after dinner (before dinner was not a faint echo, more like force 3) went away entirely with the caffeine intake.

Going to bed now, so you'll have to do without much of the context for the above.

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