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Suddenly today it became imperative for me to configure postfix with SASL / TLS support on If I can get authenticated SMTP working on it, I can use it to relay from the laptop, and then maybe I'll configure SPF, because I am damnably tired of logging in to 150+ bounce messages of spam sent by spammers with my very own email address in the From: line. :-P

As Stats test took all of 20 minutes, I decided to head to Palo Alto today for some geeking preliminary to meeting at Dana St. (Since it's now past 6:30pm, I guess it wasn't all that preliminary. Inertia still a force to be reckoned with. Sorry, space_parasite, marith, diony and anyone else I disappointed.)

Retail therapy at Congdon and Crome; replaced my lost and much-mourned Sensa pen. Got a Clairefontaine notebook as well (recommended by elfs). Have looked at the Moleskine notebooks being touted on every other blog on the Internet; am seriously not impressed. If I wanted a tiny notebook, it would be one that was easy to pull pages out of to give to other people. The Hipster PDA makes more sense. If I were to go all yuppie on the concept, I'd use some of Levenger's notecards.

Sill not studying biochem. Not smart, as there's a quiz tomorrow. 8am, bright and shiny. Therefore must not inhale any bad fantasy novels tonight.

Boring food entry:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 pieces bacon.

Lunch: a couple of bites of pot roast, interrupted because a meat bee got into the car and I decided to cover my food and leave. Then I hit Taxi's, virtuously ordering a cobb salad, but forgetting to tell them to hold the garlic toast and croutons. Garlic toast arrived and was MUCH too tempting. *sigh*

Dinner: probably the pot roast from lunch. Haven't dined yet.
Ate a chocolate tart (raspberries, white chocolate shavings, v. decadent) at Coupa Cafe, though. Apparently the law of cause and effect doesn't apply to me when I don't want it to. :-P Also two iced coffees (black) and then a hot coffee with half & half. A fourth coffee (black) has gotten me to the point of No More Caffeine Needed, Thanks. Had an Arepa with meat and cheese in it, very tasty but by no means Atkins-safe (an arepa is apparently a Venezuelan vehicle for cornmeal.)

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