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that was the day that was - Ambar — LiveJournal
October 17th, 2004
09:03 am


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that was the day that was

Boring food entry:

Three eggs, three pieces of bacon (this the lovely smoked stuff from Dittmer's). Made bacon and eggs for the entire family, actually, which reminded me that I needed to pick up more eggs.

A slice of roast pork, a few green beans, and a sugar-free / caffeine free black cherry soda. Water. A half-caf coffee.

Grilled tri-tip (v. tasty) and a bit of salad. Later, because I was jonesing for shortbread like you wouldn't believe, tuna and mayo.

Overall: not nearly enough water. But I stayed on plan!

Went out grocery shopping with elflet, which is always an adventure. We picked up bits and pieces for a magical working we're contemplating (making chicken stock, yum), another lump of meat for my meals for this week, and many tasty veggies. The crockpot in the kitchen is full, and he has Plans for the family's dinner tonight.

Now I must draft this essay for my ethics class, though the heavens fall. I am uninspired, I must confess.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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Date:October 17th, 2004 09:21 am (UTC)
Magical chicken stock sounds really cool.
[User Picture]
Date:October 17th, 2004 09:35 am (UTC)
It depends on at least two puns, and thus is *totally* appropriate for the people involved. *snerk* Basic idea is a money-increasing working, transforming fear ('chicken', geddit?) into richness / abundance / multiplication ('stock').
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Date:October 17th, 2004 10:20 am (UTC)
Very very cool.
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