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I'm-a trying to write, but nothing happens

This is a fabulous piece on social patterns in online interactions. Very BTDT. Go read.

A very fine visit with tamago and friends today. Now supposedly working on essay. Words produced so far: zero. :-P

khajja_meezer tells me the washer malfunction is getting worse. Looks like I'm covered by the Maytag Neptune class action suit, but damn. Will try calling them tomorrow to see if I can get someone out to fix the damned thing.

Boring food entry:

3 eggs, 3 pieces bacon

2 In-n-out double meat burgers with onions, protein style. (I would never have tried Atkins if forkmonkey hadn't clued me into "protein style" at In-n-out. Thanks, man.)

Cobb salad and coffee at the Peninsula Creamery.

Breve latte, coffee, spicy maya hot chocolate (incredible stuff), shortbread (sigh), wilted spinach salad (very tasty) at Coupa Cafe. Must figure out how to deal with stress without consuming sugar.

Slice of homemade (by elflet) bread with Irish butter. Yummmm.


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