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it's you and me against the world. When do we attack?

Woke up late, partly due to how dark it was this morning due to the rainstorm (but I love rain! Very happy that winter has finally arrived in northern California) and partly because there was a warm fuzzy elflet in bed with me exerting magnetic powers. I cannot complain, however, because once I leapt out of bed, swearing at the time, he not only made me breakfast and packed my lunch, but insisted I drive his car rather than the inarguably bald-tired Mazda. I think I'll keep him.

Went to the ethics' prof's office hours to lament my stuckness on the paper, and was told that I have a natural talent for this stuff ("and I don't say that to everyone"). I have a natural talent for philosophical argument! Who's surprised?

I have made progress on the dratted paper, also various necessary phone calls. Currently distracted by upgrading Postgres on my web host instead of, oh, writing...

Boring food entry:

3 eggs, two pieces of bacon, glass of emergen-c

The yummy pot roast, and a hot spinach salad at Coupa Cafe (yes, they're addictive). Also coffee.

A turkey caesar salad at Dana St. The dinner serving of pot roast. More emergen-c.

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