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bang bang out go the lights

This is mostly an excuse for a :
Boring food entry:

3 eggs, 3 mighty slices of Dittmer's bacon
um. forgot to pack lunch, so this became half a pound of Dittmer's mortadella
dinner was a piece of mahi mahi with a couple of pieces of pineapple (fortunately the sauce was sweet but not syrupy and sticky)
not nearly enough water or vegetables

However, I shall take this space for an unpaid nonpolitical advertisement: elflet rules. Today he has unstuck my right leg, which was hurting. He has also been loaning me his car so that I don't have to take chances with the Mazda. Many, many hugs have been delivered in return.

space_parasite also rules, this time for smuggling my copy of Sethra Lavode diony-wards.

Planning for the Spiral Dance continues apace. There will be much baking. I am dithering between the Molasses Spice cookies of song and story, and nutmeg muffins (1.5 whole nutmegs, grated, in each batch) which I have not made before, although elflet has. Or something else dangerous.

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