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Very glad I went to the Spiral Dance, if only for the sake of seeing much-missed friends. Was right that being in a room with 1500 other people is not generally desirable; when I add volunteering to stay on my feet for most of 8 hours (on concrete), the idea approaches laughable. Still in a fair bit of pain today despite elflet's best efforts. (Did not actually dance spiral, are you joking? Knees quite sufficiently shredded already, thanks.)

Don't think I will have to do it again. Curiosity satiated.

Boring food entry:

3 slices bacon, 3 eggs
a nice small steak sliced over a bowl of greens with a bit of dressing
tea with a bit of milk
nutmeg muffin (boo, hiss)
caramel pecan tart & large coffee

Went kerplunk off my diet from all the pre-SD baking, and yielding to cravings today was far from smart. Not enough veggies and no water at all, no wonder I hurt. Fortunately, food cooked for the next 3 days, so back on the wagon for me.

Oh, yeah, happy new year. <grin>

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