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there's a river of sensation running deep and wet and wide, and you swim it when you see it and you see it when you do not need to look

"It's been another people-packed weekend." Saturday was my day of double-booking doom. I drove up to Woodland and helped set up for some demos and a play party, although I wouldn't be able to stay for the party. I had said I would come, and as I will, so mote it be. (amen. :-) But it was worth the effort, character-building all aside. The demo on Japanese rope bondage was terribly useful, insomuch as I'm going to actually have use for such skills, it seems. And the demo on play piercing was tasty, since I've very much enjoyed bottoming to such in the past, but haven't had the opportunity to learn to top safely. (Practice is still required! But at least I have a better idea.)

Then I zipped off to meet Tsutomu and Brenda for dinner somewhere in Sacramento. It turns out, Tapa The World (2115 J St.) is a delicious place to have dinner, not hard to find from I5 (take the J street exit 21 blocks east, and it's on the left. :-), but it's open until midnight, and it's a block from a lovely GLBT bookstore, The Open Book. I picked up a couple of books to read while waiting for my friends, and then we all went back after dinner and I found both a copy of The Spiral Dance (which I'd been needing; apparently I loaned my copy out and it hasn't come back?!) and a copy of Twelve Wild Swans, which has since proved to be a tremendously exciting read, so much so that I keep bouncing around in the book rather than reading linearly. Of course, elflet had loaned me his copy of Cheri Huber's Be the Person You Want to Find on Friday, so all in all I was more set up for a solo reading fit than for socializing. But a good time was had by all.

Once we made it back to the house, Tsutomu wanted to spend some time watching the Perseid meteor showers, which were supposed to be really active. So we spent from, oh, 9pm or so until 1am driving to progressively more back-country spots to get away from the light pollution, watching for meteors (and seeing some fabulous ones), then trying for an even better spot. Goofy, true, but that's how his energy seems to work.

1am. Sleep at last.

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