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I have never been an election watcher. I was generally content to wake up in the morning and find out who won. Not this year -- the returns have the compelling quality of an ugly car wreck, and I have been hitting reload on C-SPAN, NPR, MSNBC, and CNN.

feste_sylvain said what I've been thinking: Gird yourselves, campers: No matter which of these losers win, we're going to have a lot of freedom-defending to do. It's true that the magnitude and direction of the battles will be different depending on which loser wins, but we'll be able to determine that between the final settlement of the last election lawsuit and inauguration day.

hzatz succeeded in making my right knee happy, for which I am extremely grateful. In the "oh my aching schedule" department, the Mazda lost its second tire this evening, causing elflet to stay up way later than he should have the night before a job interview. After some discussion, I've decided to skip biochem and work from home tomorrow -- the second was an easy decision. The first was not, but I can put in time on biochem right here. (Got the midterm back and, yes, B-land *again*. Augh. Did I say augh? Augh.)

Replacement car still not showing up where wanted (see "oh my aching budget" department, apparently will be buying 3 new tires for car I am about to junk). Paycheck also not showing up where wanted. Sleep not showing up where wanted either, but had better get horizontal anyway, just in case.

Boring food entry:

breakfast: eggs and bacon, made for me by elflet as I was hurling myself against deadlines. Also fizzy lifting drink (water + Emergen-C)

lunch: Starbuck's cobb salad and water. Desperately wanted leaves.

Dinner: spinach salad, veggie frittata, large caffe breve. Should have skipped the fruit salad and the piece of bread.

Post-car-towing-doom snack: tuna & mayo

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