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Today khajja_meezer and I went off to the GSD Rescue adoption day with Mack. Came back without Mack, with lots of cat supplies, and the training materials if we should be insane enough to want to serve as adoption counselors. Oy.

We also came back having eaten way too much, which is my leadin to the standard boring food entry.

2 pieces pork side (no eggs in the house).
went off to Modesto w/no snacks in hand, and the lunch plan was to go with the rest of the rescue crew to Lyons. Forgot that this would happen no later than 2:30, as the AD closes up shop at 2pm. I think in actuality we didn't get food until closer to 3. Kat was falling over until someone helpful insisted on sharing a granola bar. For me this was the entirely predictable lead-in to ordering and eating the (fried, battered) seafood plate, soup with pasta in, bread, my french fries, Kat's french fries...

We topped this off with a stop at Starbucks. venti caffe breve and an apple torte for me.

Small Sharffen Berger semisweet bar for me and then to bed, wherein I hope to wake up smarter in the AM. Sheesh.

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