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I think we're the only people left in town

Have swilled much too much caffeine, done not nearly enough homework, but a fair bit of house maintenance.

Boring food entry:

3 eggs & pork side
salmon & mayo. Annoying headache persisted. I may have to lay off buying the store brand of canned salmon
some sliced tri-tip and roast pork from Rinaldi's. Had intended to go get a virtuous salad somewhere (this intention alternating with getting an unvirtuous burrito at Beto's), but hunger was well advanced. This also much cheaper.
LC cheesecake and a venti caffe breve at B&N, while reading biochem and working on YBYY (nearly finished!)

No food cooked yet for tomorrow. Doom!

Have opted to sleep at home tonight, which means leaving at 5am in order to make the 8am class. O, tomorrow will be a long, long day.

Palisades has developed a puzzling hard edema on his belly. It doesn't appear to be bothering him or his appetite at all, but boy is it bothering me. If I weren't so short of money, I'd have hauled him to Pioneer the moment I spotted it, because something is definitely Wrong (and it's not merely old age, as khajja_meezer keeps invoking). Am wondering morosely if this is what it looks like when a stallion's pre-pubertal tendon begins to rupture.

Seriously fell for Durango yesterday. If he's still on my mind in a week, and we haven't acquired another dog for fostering, I shall bring up the topic again. It's not like he can't infest elflet's back yard instead of being khajja_meezer's responsibility.

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