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Today I polished off not one but two decluttering exercises -- cat books to Jen to be donated to Winn Feline Foundation, and a handful of excess coffee mugs to a women's center in San Jose for a cup gardening class. The kitchen table has been strikingly cleared, too, although that's more to K's credit than mine.

Tried to go to Dana Street coffeehouse this afternoon, and alas, they were closed for termite treatment. Thus, I failed to hook up with diony to borrow her copy of Tooth and Claw. Soon, soon. Am also slowly winning my battle with my email inbox, which has acquired a life of its own and would otherwise soon be campaigning for the position of Attorney General. :-P

Most accomplished of all, I finished the Best Year Yet writeup I've mentioned previously. I think my next step there is a little rearrangement of my Life Balance hierarchy to match. I'd do it now, but I am already up much too late as it is. Damn broken sleep schedule.

elflet and I tried a new recipe, baked cabbage with bacon, and I declare it very tasty indeed. We've also started another thang, slow-roasted spiced pork shoulder, which is currently marinating in the fridge. Tomorrow, there shall be Meat. For tonight, though, there must be sleep and a boring food entry.

bacon & eggs
ground beef & cabbage (not very fatty, but tasty)
1/3lb smoked liverwurst (I made a Dittmer's run, yes)
6 oz of the sweetest raspberries I have had ever, plus 3 oz double Devon cream on 'em (thank you Milk Pail Market)
half of the pesto sausage frittata elflet made last night
triple caffe breve at Moonbean's
a scant third of the abovementioned cabbage and bacon indecency


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