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grr. argh.

It has not been an unproductive weekend, and I did fit in a (re)reading of a book just for pleasure, but the stress multipliers have been through the roof for the entire household.

My chief desire at this moment is for someone to hold my hand (metaphorically) while I wade through my personal email inbox (also metaphorically), because even contemplating all 59 messages one at a time causes my headache to spike (literally, alas). cjsmith, we could trade off, if you're interested.

There would be a boring food entry here, but they're boring even me. Suffice it to say that I ate some meat-wrapped-in-pita-breads at a party last night that were technically verboten. I don't feel too bad today physically (right knee is steadily improving), but I am being careful to eat well. elflet and I experimented with some LC almond muffins on Saturday that aren't half bad (we dosed them with poppy seeds and lemon zest).

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