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"Kick the baby, Ike!" "Don't kick the baby!" <spang>

So I was playing with Sable and her deflated soccer ball yesterday. Sometimes I kick it, and sometimes I pick it up and throw it. Invariably she charges after it, grabs it, and comes trotting back to do it again.

Now, since it's about half-deflated, I can't kick it all that far. So I was thinking "hmm. What if I drop-kicked it?"

But I forgot to mention this to Sable. So I held the ball in front of me (and she watched intently) and I dropped it, and kicked -- and connected, not with the ball, but with the bottom of her jaw, as she had leaped in to catch the ball before it hit the ground.

She yipped. I said ow! So I now have a bruise on top of my foot, and a reminder that even games with dogs should be negotiated, lest someone get hurt due to conflicting expectations. :-)

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