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well hello there

Because I did not have enough to do, I have a foster dog of "last resort" -- an eight month old GSD bitch puppy who has become dog aggressive in her adolescence (she is afraid, but she makes it look big and scary and threatening). I am having an enormously good time training her, but it's making me rather hard on the scenery, as I now advocate positive training methods at the drop of a hat. (Sorry agrimony!)

While elflet and I were on our way home from lunch today, I was expounding on something or another about dog training, only to interrupt myself with "Why am I lecturing you about training?"* His response was "Yes, you have a behaviorist at the wheel!"

(*For those trying to follow from home without a scorecard, elflet has a Master's in educational technology. Conversations between us on the subject of training quickly become hilarious.)

Boring food entry:

Um. Breakfast. bacon and eggs.
1 breve latte, 3 coffees with half and half.
A tasty chicken cobb salad at the Sonoma Chicken Coop in San Jose. elflet and I spent quite a lot of the meal analyzing the restaurant's flow and business model.
smoked turkey leftovers, yum

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