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I rule.

I rule on toast. With scrambled eggs.

The two papers (one overdue) that I stayed up all night to finish are actually finished and handed in via email. Quite possibly they blow dead goats through a straw, but I do not care, for lo, they are finished.

Then I called the CSUH financial aid people, wanting to know where my check was. Two Looooooong hold periods later (people have starved and died while on hold with SIS, forced to listen to a warped tape of hold music that would have caredhel clawing at her ears with an ice pick) a Problem was located and I was promised a call back with a fix later today.

Then I called the prof who was receiving the two papers and confirmed that a) she had gotten them, and b) she wasn't feeling sadistic enough to require me to make the 86-mile round trip to hand paper copies to her in person as well.

Then I looked up the grades for my Stats class (final yesterday), and was immensely cheered to see that I got a 100 on the final. The more cheered because an entire page (something like 6 / 40 questions) was on the interpretation of power plots, a topic I had not studied at all, and barely paid attention to in the initial lecture. Had to vamp my way through it. Perfect vamping. Go me.

Now, however, I am going to bed *tud*. Every other problem I have can just take a number and fucking well get in line. Jeeves, hold my calls.

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