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This photo makes me very happy. Thanks, jcdill!

My instructors this quarter are both sterling exhibits of the art of the combover. Ah, academia. I was curious about the Genetics instructor, who was pinging my gaydar, but only very faintly. Turns out he spent 10 years in NYC as a dancer. Okay, that's explained now. (It's not everyone who can stand in front of an audience with his legs crossed _and make it look good_.) However, someone needs to clue him in that wearing black is only okay if one takes care not to roll on the chalkboard. I am not volunteering.

Last quarter I had to write papers. This quarter, there's one oral presentation (of a published paper relevant to genetics of developmental biology) and one extended abstract (of two published papers relevant to evolution). I set off, last night, hunting for a paper for 1) and found lots of papers for 2) (equine philogeny, or mitochondrial DNA D-loop variation, or both....) This wouldn't be a problem, except I volunteered to do 1) on 14 April, and I don't have to turn in a topic for 2) before 21 April. Oops.

Would give much to spend a day in the UC Davis library actually looking at the physical journals, but will have to use what I can get.

Spent dueling-laptops and tea time with elflet last night. Worth every bit of lost sleep.

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