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another pleasant unintended consequence...

... of buying the 15" Powerbook on a whim: I can successfully burn DVDs (given some handholding from d3l1r1um). This whole business of "burning" CDs or DVDs feels very much like black magic. Where's my RS-232 port and my 1200 baud modem? (*creak* *hobble* Kids these days...)

I have, somewhat skeptically, embarked on a paper journal. When I look back at my earliest LJ entries, it's clear to me that even though I was claiming to let the chips fall where they might, I was actually writing in the expectation of having no audience. Now that LJ is intertwined with most, if not all, of the people I am closest to, I'm feeling inhibited (and boy is that an unusual experience).

So, to the paper, which while it may be slower and subject to my inelegant handwriting, will provably not give a damn about what I say about whom.

Whether this means more LJ from me, or less, is unclear.

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