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sierra_nevada commented... - Ambar — LiveJournal
June 9th, 2005
10:16 pm


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sierra_nevada commented...
... in response to my last post:

Why do you believe that you could write something in here that would
cause most or all of us to not like you any more?

It's not that I'm concerned that I might write something about myself that I think would scare off the Usual Suspects. It's more a desire to comment on Stuff which may be partly or wholly the possession of other people in my life, and I find that trying to consider what X might think of my comments on Y's interactions with Z a bit too inhibitory for comfort these days.

You can tell me I'm getting soft in my old age if you like. I'll still like you. :-)

In other news, today I underwent two finals and am now temporarily free of academia (for the first time in two years, or maybe three, I'm not taking summer classes). Degree completion expected Winter Quarter 2006. (2006?!)

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Current Mood: reflective
Current Music: Joni Mitchell - Hejira - "Refuge Of The Roads"

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