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I have committed Canis Major

... and I do mean major:

Katja, under my desk at work, engaged in active demolition:

Her breeder's description of her:

I just got back a 5 year old bitch. Yoschy / Asko Joufney Keyleff granddaughter. These people were "going to" do all sorts of training with her and of course they never did anything but take her to the "dog park" for exercise, and crate her the rest of the time. She was a working pick pup and was retrieving keys at 6 weeks.. anyway, she has been left in the backyard for the past 3 years since they had their baby. I wish they had brought her back sooner, but it is what it is.

Katja is spayed, crate trained, housebroken, good with cats, loves people and kids, has perfect temperament, but she is still active and will bark if left alone. I think this is a very manageable issue and as long as she had a busy family to keep her occupied, or someone who wanted an all the time companion, she'd be great. Too old to do serious SAR training, but certainly if someone wanted to do entry level obedience or tracking she would be fun. She is bright and trainable and has tons of ball drive.

So far she is the perfect unobtrusive office dog. I am beyond gleeful.

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