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September 27th, 2005
12:11 am


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the rewards of virtue
Have been to the gym with elflet three times in the last week. The first time, didn't notice I was getting a rub until I had a lovely half-dollar sized hole in my left thigh. This morning, the evil recumbent bicycle was trying for a matching one on the right, but I caught it in time. Hah!

Attribute my endurance for Folsom this year largely to said workouts. Yes, it was hot (65F high? in whose fantasy?) but elflet and I celebrated the anniversary in style, including sushi afterwards.

Lunch today with mcl got some things out that needed to be said, by each of us, and for that I am grateful. Practicing communication really feels like _practice_ to me sometimes, with everything that implies -- sweat and risk and fucking it up half the time in the name of trying to make things better. It's worth it, though, especially when I consider the alternatives. :-)

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