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A week ago, I cast a spell

A week ago, driving up to charleshaynes and debbieann's place, the first winter rains came down. And I greeted them, and rejoiced with them, and twined with them, and asked them for their help in powering a spell.

These are not the words of the spell I said a week ago. These are the words the spell said to me today when it was ready.

Rain, wash me clean. Take everything stale and unnecessary, dissolve, dissolve, wash it away.

Air, blow away what's stale and old. Bring me oxygen, bring me wind, leave me sharp thoughts and fresh beginnings, blow away what's stale and old.

Fire, burn me, melt me, energize me. Burn away what's no longer necessary, burn away the sticky threads of old webs. Burn my passion clean of anything that is not mine. Fire, melt me, burn me.

Earth! I have been buried in you. I have buried my love and my grief; I have buried my desire and my rage. I have buried my heart and my soul. Remind me that the bones of my spine are the bones of the earth, that the tissues of my body are earth; rebirth me, make me with what is needed now, new.

Rain, fill the cauldron of change, and I will stir it.

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