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dungeon haiku

I know this superhighway
This bright familiar sun
I guess that I'm the lucky one

elflet and I started batting around haiku last night during dinner. I posted this one to a local SM list:

A chain mail condom
completely misses the point
watch his eyes get big

and before I could stop myself, there were MORE:

It isn't the chain
No lock holds your heart to me
Just your will and Mine

So I am sharing, generous soul that I am. (How is it that I don't have an SM icon? Must fix.)

Truck repaired and returned to the house, which took all of Tuesday afternoon and a chunk of the evening. I swear sometimes I'm living in a virtual country called Logististan, where any apparently easy action is complicated by a host of arcane prerequisites. Maybe this is my karmic debt because both my parents have worked for the IRS, and the sins of the parents really are visited upon the children....

2) Desired doc _not_ covered by Blue Shield (boo, hiss) but (wincing at budget) I have committed to three months of experimentation with the brain soup, and then we'll see.

3) Straight As in midterms. What was the Micro prof *thinking*? But I'm not complaining. I'm too sleep-deprived, for one. :-)

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