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noted with pleasure...

On the Portland light rail: two big, bearded, burly guys, kissing tenderly.

Orycon survived its hotel change and all the woes that con-running is heir to. kirbyk has the best analysis I've seen of same. I got to see (for varying amounts of time and in no particular order), mnarra and his lovely Brigette, devilsaprentice, kirbyk, cyranocyrano, aberdeen, kathrynt, llachglin, xthread, src and her hubby Mike, tamago, chrisber, hzatz, and amphipodgirl.

Even a short Powell's run has its pleasures. I denied myself the Jane Smiley in hardcover, mostly because there are limits to what I want to lug aboard a plane.

Once I remind myself that no one whose opinion matters is watching, I really enjoy dancing. Will have to arrange more opportunities for same, as Orycon comes but once a year.

I can change a flat by myself in 20 minutes. I can also persuade Toyota of Sunnyvale to comp me the repair.

Dropped in on Midori's rope dojo just long enough to see everyone's final suspension :-) as well as the graduation ceremony. The new Citadel space is much more usable than the last one. It may technically be smaller, but it sure doesn't look it. I'm looking forward to playing there.

Am now registered for 12 units for next and final quarter -- will choose what to drop later.

With 72% of the returns in, all the California propositions seem to be going down to defeat. Makes the extra run into the house (because I was a spaz and didn't mail in my absentee ballot in time, so had to drop it off at my polling place) seem worth it.

Upcoming: major tests in microbiology (Thursday) and physiology (Friday).

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