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this post is mostly an excuse to show off the icon meme of the day

Although today I did a righteous job on the Micro midterm. Physiology, tomorrow, will be dicier because physical therapy will be taking up my morning. Not sure I need to keep going, now that I can pull out and fasten my seat belt with my right hand like the designers of the Prius intended. (That only took ten weeks to heal. *sigh*)

I will not attempt to throw 120-lb hay bales over the fence with one arm.
I will not attempt to throw 120-lb hay bales over the fence with one arm.
I will not attempt...

Feeling stressed about horses and school and work and life. It's probably all sleep dep. I refuse to make any major decisions about anything before mid-December. Before then, there's the paper for the online class, a lab quiz for Micro on Tuesday, and the complete lab report for Physiology (aside, I have concluded said instructor must be insane. My evidence: she gave me 18 of 20 points for the first-draft botch I handed in a month ago which had no statistical analysis whatsoever. I don't know what she was thinking, but I'd have given it 6 of 20 myself.) Not to mention my personal annual review, it being past Samhain, and did anyone see my weekend? I'd really rather spend it lying on the couch reading my haul from Powell's, when not occupied with my play date and dinner with blackswan666, but I think it ran screaming thataway.

Yesterday's munch was a nice break from everything else (including studying for Micro). Got to meet leppard and another !LJ person. We also seem to be succeeding in our mission of baffling the restaurant staff -- elflet only had to order three times to hit on an entree that the kitchen could actually make. And as I was departing, someone else was sorting through the menus, looking for one that apparently hadn't been updated with the new prices.

Finally, xthread is brilliantly carrying out his life mission of giving me ideas. Bad, bad man. In his honor, I'll pass along a moment at Death Guild.

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