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sex survey

(This made me oddly nostalgic for the days of the zillion-question purity tests, with version numbering, back when my hair was named Fang and the question of whether anal sex counted as sex for the purposes of the test was actually relevant...)

1. Had sex in three or more positions in one session? Yes.

2. Had sex continuously for 1 hour or more? Yes.

3. Devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating,etc)? Yes.

4. Been so loud having sex that people complained?
Complained... not exactly. Made intimidated remarks is more accurate.

5. Had your sexual technique/style/skill openly praised by someone?
Yes. The line I recall was "You could put yourself through MIT doing that." I believe I hit him with a pillow.

6. Brought your partner to orgasm using only your hands? Yes.

7. Had sex while both fully dressed (unzip fly, hike up skirt)? Nope.

8. Had sex while both standing up? Nope. (With *these* knees? I think not.)

9. Performed oral sex on a man (fellatio)? Yes.

10. Performed oral sex on a woman (cunnilingus)? No. (Whatever have I been waiting for? Oh, wait. The right woman, that's it.)

11. Received oral sex from a man? Yes.

12. Received oral sex from a woman? (I actually have to think about this one. I'm embarrassed.) No.

13. Used position number 69? Yes.

14. Intentionally swallowed semen (your own counts)? Yes.

15. Had heterosexual intercourse using no birth control? Yes. (Fortunately, stupidity is not instantly punishable by death or pregnancy.)

16. Had sex during menstruation? Yes.

17. Used whipped cream, chocolate syrup, for sexual purposes? Yes. (Don't use your favorite sheets for anything containing chocolate. Trust me on this one.)

18. Used ice for sexual purposes? Yep. Especially nice to chill the nipple clamps before applying them.

19. Completely shaved off your pubic hair? Yes. Just recently. Interesting experiment.

20. Purchased a sex toy? Ha ha ha ha (let's see, this drawer, that drawer, this canister, that toybag... and let's not forget the gifts.)

21. Inserted your finger into someone's anus, or had this done to you? Yes.

22. Licked someone's anus? Yep.

23. Performed anal intercourse on someone (on the giving end, toys count)? Oh yes.

24. Received anal intercourse (receiving end, toys count)? Yes.

25. Used a vibrator or dildo on your partner, or had your partner use one on you? Yep.

26. Been involved in use of a cock-ring? Yep. The experimentation never stops.

27. Been involved in use of a strap-on? Mmm, yes.

28. Participated in fist-fucking? Ya know, I'm never quite sure what people mean by this phrase. 'Round these parts we call it "vaginal fisting" (which would be a yes) or "anal fisting" (which would be a no; I just don't have the capacity.)

29. Contracted a venereal disease or STD? No.

30. Given a sympathy fuck? Yep. (But see the parenthetical to #32.)

31. Forced or coerced someone having sex with you? Yes. Never again.

32. Had sex with a virgin? Yes. (My puppy-training days are done. I swear it.)

33. Paid for sex with a prostitute? Never had the desire or occasion.

34. Been involved in adultery? Is it adultery if it's a poly relationship? I suppose I'd have to say yes just to cover all possible bases.

35. Had sex with your boss or teacher? No. *brr*

36. Had sex with someone the same day you met them? Oh, yeah. Over a decade later, I met him again at a mutual friend's wedding. After ten minutes of innocuous public conversation, I was either going to back him up against the wall and fuck his brains out, or walk away. I chose to walk away, figuring his wife (acquired in the interim) probably wouldn't appreciate the former. :-)

37. Had sex with someone whose name you did not know? No.

38. Been openly homosexual or bisexual? Yep.

39. Had more than 10 sex partners? That'd be a yes.

40. Been in a threesome? Yep.

41. Engaged in group sex (more than three people)? Yep.

42. Had sex in a public place? Not the way this question means...

43. Had sex in a car (moving or stationary)? Oh, now those are fond memories. :)

44. Become a member of the mile high club? Someone *my* size? In those tiny cubbies that pass for bathrooms on planes? Ha, I say.

45. Had sex in the water (hot tub, shower, pool, etc)? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

46. Been walked in on while having sex? Oh hmm. Good question. Not that I recall.

47. Had sex while you knew someone else was watching? Sure. Me showoff.

48. Engaged in bondage? See the nice leather handcuffs?

49. Engaged in "golden showers" (urinating)? No. NMK.

50. Have body piercings to enhance sexual pleasure? Had. Miss them.

There you are, for your voyeuristic pleasure.

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