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University advising dropped the not unexpected bomb: the class in Biomedical Ethics I took a year ago, which was supposed to fulfill a distribution requirement, doesn't appear on their high holy list and therefore isn't accepted. Not so funny, as jokes go. I have dug up the syllabus (which noted the requirement it fulfilled), written the professor who taught it, and appealed to the Bio office for support. If I can petition and get it accepted, I don't have to take three classes winter quarter. This would be infinitely preferable.

But assuming the worst for the moment, this completely explodes my scheduling plans for the coming quarter. Thus, I have gone on bended knee to -- and received preliminary approval from -- my management for a schedule that has me at school only Tu/Thur, but until 8p. MWF, I'll come in to work a little earlier than normally scheduled.

This so rocks. Only two commutes to Hayward in a week, and I can either take 3 classes with known excellent instructors -- OR, I can take the molecular cell bio + molecular techniques lab with my advisor. Either option beats the previous plan all hollow. Plus, extra bonus overlap with the rest of the day team at work doesn't hurt, either -- I've felt a real lack of people to ask questions of in a crunch.

Yesterday's munch was lively and friendly and really a lot of fun, even if we were outside in the cold again, and I missed seeing both src and elflet. For tonight, dinner with a much-missed friend. Yay! And then the lab report for Micro, which is absolutely positively due no later than noon tomorrow. Oop.

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