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hedonism, homework, repeat

Hedonism: sleeping in until nearly noon on Thursday. O, that felt good. Then got up and cheered on the relays in the kitchen. This year the smoked turkey from Dittmer's came out moist and amazing; the key is apparently to splash some water (or apple juice) in the pan below the turkey while warming it.

The family cooking was low-effort, so we did another round of the swiss chard with pine nuts and took it (along with a pumpkin pie) up to the celebration at the Citadel. Amazingly, that was the only pumpkin pie to appear! It promptly disappeared, and with the chard we made glad the hearts of several new vegetarian acquaintances.

Afterwards, a discussion of trigger point therapy segued into my giving a demonstration on elflet, which then segued into a demanding round on one of said new acquaintances. It's difficult for me, having the sadist and the healer out playing at the same time, and I would have liked to give more aftercare (had we, you know, actually negotiated a scene instead of just flowing into one. :-). But, wow, the improvement in her posture and range of motion was amazing.

Some other lovely scenes were unfolding in the dungeon by the time we were done, but I nobly resisted the urge to go and fetch the toy bag from the car, as elflet was still recovering from a sinus infection and simply didn't have the energy for a late night. Instead I whisked him across the city (paying two bad jokes for one perfect parking spot) into debbieann and charleshaynes' guest room.

After another gloriously hedonistic night, elflet and I enticed Debbie onto a Tartine's run (okay, so she didn't take a lot of persuading). Bread pudding and ham and cheese croissants and morning buns (with cinnamon and orange), oh my! Not to mention perfect parking spot #2. Afterwards (moving slowly!) took Debbie back to her place and meandered southward, fetching up finally at Garden City Restaurant Supply (and calling xthread on the way). elflet and I looked at all the pretties (and bought several). Just as we finished our exercise in consumerism, xthread turned up and we happily went through the exercise again.

Took a tired elf and our goodies home. Apparently I wasn't tired enough, because I went forth again to Whole Foods and brought back stock-making ingredients. elflet was kind enough to chop vegetables for this next exercise in hedonism.

Saturday, I slept in long enough to miss most of the joy of filtering the deep brown stock, though I did fish out some boiled beef with which to indulge Katja. However, Saturday was dedicated to the paper, though we did take a break by way of another round of grocery shopping, this time for the ingredients needed for il sugo di carne.

Sunday, I turned elflet loose to make mayhem in the kitchen, and headed home to tend to the four-footies. Five mares awaited my attentions, attentively. Gaah two foals or maybe three what was I thinking?!. *ahem* Palisades, I am delighted to report, continues to gain weight on his new beet-pulp diet. Spent some quality time with the couch, a wool blanket, and a good book. Yum.

I will now proceed to enjoy my well-slept state while I can, as next week is finals.

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