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from bitter searching of the heart, we rise to play a greater part - Ambar — LiveJournal
December 9th, 2005
09:45 pm


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from bitter searching of the heart, we rise to play a greater part
I can feel the pressure coming off now that finals are over. I drive home from work, through the night and the South Bay fog, with the sensation of wings unfolding in my chest. It's been decadent out since Wednesday afternoon, although in a low-key way: long walks through Palo Alto, coffee and a newspaper at Coupa, a hot soak at Watercourse Way, a delicious lunch with my elflet at Lulu Petite. Also a rare talk yesterday with mnarra that left me all sniffly, in the good way.

Even the backlog doesn't look quite so dire. I've been through the 3+ weeks of back paperwork, and have begun on the machete-work of the email inbox. More to come, of course.

For this weekend, we'll be in the city studying self, sex, pride, passion, and power. Yes, Iron Pentacle intensive, this time with Thorn Coyle. I'm looking forward to some serious physical and emotional work. After that, more baking for distribution (last weekend I made four dozen molasses spice cookies, took them to a swap and wound up with four dozen mixed cookies, then took those to a wonderful class and got rid of them *all*. Mu ha ha!), animal tending, and massage trading.

On the horizon: Katja, elflet, D and I go to obedience class! (elflet has already been wondering aloud which of us will wind up most obedient; y'all can skip trying to be the first to comment. :-)

And oh, dear goddess, pregnant mares. o.O

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Leonard Cohen - Dear Heather - "Villanelle For Our Time" via http://www.pandora.com

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Date:December 10th, 2005 07:04 am (UTC)
Pregnant mares! Yay! Maybe I could come rub their noses and let them whisper secrets of fertility to me! ;-)
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Date:December 10th, 2005 07:12 am (UTC)
Said the much-respected Charles Craver, once, "Those two mares of yours will repopulate all of Northern California for you if you let them."

More fool me, I thought he was kidding. Nope. Not at all.
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