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Up at noon. Sam the farrier was due at 2, so at 1:30 I went out and herded mares into the round pen, which proved to be much easier than I expected, mostly due to marely greed for alfalfa. (Me to Sam: "You know, when I first got the bill for this round pen, I thought I was being foolish. Nope." He agreed.) Also got the truck stuck in the pasture... sigh. With luck next weekend will be drier, and I'll be able to get it out without AAA's help. Next time, 4-wheel-drive, and hang the maintenance costs.

Nonetheless, we succeeded in getting six horses trimmed despite interruptions (the neighbors' gelding got away from them, and he and Palisades were squealing at each other over the fence) and excursions (Lustre thought being caught to be trimmed was optional. Sorry, lady, it's not). Palisades was perfectly happy to be fussed over, until it started to rain on him. He disapproves of rain. Since we were half-way through his trim. I told him to shut up and deal, which he did. It didn't even occur to me to blanket him, until he was already wet enough that it would have been a bad idea. Oops.

For bonus points, I even wormed 4 of the 6 -- hadn't grabbed the wormer yet when we did Palisades, but he's easy. Forgot to worm Cap before I got her halter off, but oh well! Will try catching her tomorrow. Today I caught her last, and since she had watched the 15-minute Lustre-catching extravaganza, her protest was half-hearted in the extreme. ("Don't catch m-- wait, the sooner I let you do this, the sooner I can leave, right?" Cap's a cynical old broad.)

In the "it's always something" department, Cap also turned up with a heck of an abscess in her left fore, covering something like a third of the white line. Considering she wasn't even lame (before or after the trim), that was quite something to see. Nothing to do but keep an eye on it -- Sam suggested iodine half-heartedly, but as it was raining on us quite happily, it would have stayed on her foot for all of five minutes.

I must admit it's very pleasant after spending three hours out in the fog and rain to come in, peel all the wet layers off, and have dry clothes, hot tea, toast and soup ready to hand. Not to mention a wool blanket and a nest of pillows. *dig*

Good news department: Recap's sire is finally DNA tested. One more signature to go, and maybe we'll have Recap registered before one of us dies of old age....

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