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I spent the weekend at home mostly to make sure Palisades didn't get out again, as he did last... Tuesday? My, it's been busy. Anyway, even though I rewired the electric fence (his escape wasn't primarily a hotwire failure; one of the big corner posts came down in the storm), I was getting no love from the fence charger, and was pretty stressed about it.

Today, I saw a couple places where the hot tape had come down in the wind, so I went out to fix it. And first checked that the battery was off -- seems I had left it off. And when I turned it on, there was joy and love and juice and little blinking lights and stuff. Guess the battery had run down when the fence came down, and given the lack of sunlight it had taken a few days to recharge again.

Mostly I am happy not to have to buy a new battery. And that Palisades remains in place. Still haven't unstuck the truck or made cookies for various people, let alone made the decluttering pass the house would like, but that is just fine. Life is nonetheless good.

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