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Like a portrait in flesh, who trails on a leash

Today started early, so that elflet and I could go work out together in time for him to catch his train to the city. After that, I had planned to get Katja bathed. One thing led to another, however. I discovered a Varikennel 500 can in fact fit into the back seat of a Prius (one day I should make a photo essay of all the things one can fit into the back seat of a Prius. Anyone have a miniature horse I can borrow? but I digress --)

Anyway, it turned out to be a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day for dogs, because not only did she get driven all around the county, but she also got a bath, vaccinations (two injections and an intranasal), and her nails clipped. The crate was installed in the car, so she can no longer go crashing back and forth in the back seat. I have a harness that clips to the seatbelt, which worked fine for Sable, but Katja ties herself in knots, and has actually released the seatbelt by stepping on it at least once. Not safe when I want to leave her somewhere with the windows rolled down.

All this, and I've created a laminated maintenance chart for her, which is clipped to a ziplock bag (all hail the holy sacred ziplock bag!) which holds monthly meds and tokens for the dog wash and suchlike, all in one place. My organization fu amazes me (the more so since I've been meaning to organize equine vet records dating back to, well, when I only owned two horses.) Possibly this can be attributed to having two other adults with whom to cooperate and communicate on dog maintenance. (Maybe I should instruct elflet to work with me on the horse records project. Ah, what strange uses one can find for a good service submissive...)

At least I have one species totally caught up on maintenance. Maybe for my next act of catching up, I'll have the interior of the car shampooed, because now that the dog no longer smells like wet dog, it'd be nice if the car didn't either.

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