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stop me before I think again

There was a plan for this quarter. (Stop snickering, you.) The plan was to take 7+ units of upper level Bio classes so I could graduate.

Then there was the adventure with University Advising. So suddenly I had to hunt up something that would fulfill the C4 GE requirement, if I didn't succeed in petitioning to use the class that they were disallowing. Thus, having been burned in the past by less than tolerable instructors, I registered for a 10am class with a known quantity, and a noon class with an unknown quantity, figuring on dropping one. (The noon class lets me get a whole eight hours of sleep the night before.) Both of these were in the Philosophy department, as it happens.

Today was the first day of classes of my last quarter. And I am registered for 16 units. With me so far? Good.

Not ONLY am I contemplating taking BOTH these courses, which is just plain unnecessary, but I also spent a truly laughable amount of time today (anything over 30 seconds is truly laughable, but I think it was about a half hour of research) working out that if I took four courses this quarter and four in spring quarter, I could fulfill a Philosophy minor along with my existing Chem minor.

You see what I mean? Some of you reading this claim to be my friends. Don't let this happen. I'm begging you, and you know how ugly it gets when I beg.

(Why am I tired? Well, due to a misunderstanding about my work schedule on Monday, I went to bed at 2am, got up at 6am, and will be working until 1am today. In the middle there, I drove 90 miles from home to Hayward, attended 4 lectures, did a round trip to Palo Alto, conferred with my allergist, got another allergy shot, got my glasses fixed, and avoided standing in line at the post office. Damn right I'm tired.)

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