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I live 15 minutes from civilization now - Ambar
April 9th, 2006
11:57 pm


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I live 15 minutes from civilization now

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Date:April 10th, 2006 03:50 pm (UTC)
Well, to be fair, I'm not sysadmining per se, and part of my job involves answering the phones. That said, it can be nice to work at home when I'm sick enough not to want to share germs at the office, but not so sick that I can't think at all.
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Date:April 10th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
Handy after double foot surgery, too. ;-) Man, that was amusing. I logged in after I got home, and it was still before 10AM. People were understandably a little confused as to where I was supposed to have been that day!
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