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Today was jury duty. I've been called only once before, and didn't show up then through extreme flakitude. I drove to San Andreas through a blue haze (there's a nearby fire); the trees moved in and out of it like ghosts.

There was much sitting quietly (I brought books; you're shocked, I'm sure). Eventually the judge arrived and thanked us for being present to pressure the defendant and his attorney into choosing to plead guilty to various charges involving methamphetamines and felony weapons possession. But next door, they were short of jurors, so please don't leave.

Wait another hour; ushered into the room next door; sit through a similar recital (minus the felony weapons charges). Head home. I catch up on my mail, then notice I feel sleepy. Nap all afternoon, much to Sable's frustration.

Spent some time with Julian, grooming him, putting the new bridle on him (he's the same head size as Petit Point, or nearly, which surprised me), and leading him around to various mounting blocks. I actually went as far as putting my leg over his back, and he stood quietly, but I wasn't ready for that half-second of hanging between earth and sky. (Okay, so the horse was uphill of the hay bale I was using. :-) I have concluded that he's going to be my teacher for a little while. (Lord knows, I've put enough time and money into his education/rehabilitation. He knows enough to teach me some, now. :-) Carrots and patience for the horse. Virtual carrots and patience for me.

Dinner is pork chops treated with soy sauce, sesame oil and black pepper, with raspberries and cream. I write as the pork chops cook. Yum.

The house is tolerably back together. The living room is tidy, enough so that I can put building altars on the to-do list. The bathroom is clean; the bedroom and the kitchen are both at 95% or so. I still have unfinished laundry -- big surprise -- but I've folded and put away at least a couple loads.

Called Anita to share my mad vision of showing Vanity (her new mare) in some Most Classic classes. We are both still catching up on ourselves from Oregon.

There were some big thoughts today, but not anywhere near the keyboard. More sleep? More sleep.

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