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legs just two steps ahead of my brain

Up at 6am, dressed and made breakfast, then caught up mares and loaded them into the trailer. elflet came out to help with Recap at my request, but all she really needed, once I'd persuaded her to get both front feet into the trailer, was a reminder that she had hind feet too. :-) On the road 10 minutes before deadline, which was nice.

At the vet's everyone behaved decently. Got paperwork for everyone for the Oregon trip, plus a repro workup for En Pointe, who I will try to breed to Palisades after the trip.

Home, unloaded everyone by myself, and vaccinated them. Now they are outside with hay, shade, water, and salt. I am inside with a/c, ceiling fans, and cold brewed green tea.

In the not so happy shiny department, something weird is going on with the electric controller for the trailer brakes, and one of the trailer tires has a slow leak. *grump*

Must pack up to head for work.

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