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Maybe that was a little bit too productive ...

To bed at 1a. Up at 5:45a to shower, dress, hitch the trailer and turn it around (took about twice as long as it normally does), then catch En Pointe and make for the vet's for her preg check (she's not, damnit).

Then to the feed store where I bought enough hay to carry the whole crew through the end of December. Came home, unloaded EP and caught the rest of the mares (not hard) and explained to Birdy that she can so go through the round pen gate (more difficult). Did all this just in time for the hay guy to come and unload. Then into the house for dewormer enough for 4 mares, and a vaccination for Birdy (who did make more of a fuss than last time about being poked in the neck, but forgave me before I even finished applying dewormer to mares).

Done? not hardly. Feed Palisades, doctor the raw spot on his belly, worry about his cough, and fix his fence (thanks again to tugrik for toolz).

Now fold laundry, do a pile of cooking, pack, and -- hey! where have all my drip irrigation bits and pieces gone?

Then drive into work and play the eight-handed support tech for most of the evening.

I'm going to go home and pretend I don't know how to speak English, at least until I get in enough sleep to suit me.

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