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shuffling the mares you're dealt

Had to shuffle mares to Davis and back, and took advantage of that to meet up with S, who I am trying to coax into leasing Capucine as a riding horse. (I told Capucine she could either have another foal or get a job, and as it's been nearly two years and we haven't managed to get her in foal, we are exploring alternatives. :-)

Now, Cap hasn't been ridden in the five years I've owned her, so the idea was to saddle her up and see what she knows. She went sweetly for the eight-year-old, the five-year-old, the eleven-year-old, and S, their mother, who is the only knowledgeable rider of the bunch. (And then we put the eight-year-old and then the five-year-old back up for another round each.) I would say Cap passed her kids' pony test with flying colors. We also decided my dressage saddle was too narrow for her, so borrowed K's Wintec, which worked quite nicely. And the cob-sized bridle that fits Petit Point? Is TOO LARGE for Capucine. It needs pony-length cheekpieces, apparently.

Afterwards, wandered around and finished looking at all the horses on the place, then got to introduce K and Michael to Davis Noodle City, which apparently pleased all around.

Tomorrow, if I do not lose my nerve, I am going to introduce Capucine to Palisades' living quarters and hope that his good sense (developed over 20 years of living in Wisconsin with a mare who wouldn't allow him to breed her even when she was in heat) hasn't entirely deserted him.

Mmm, horsey day. Must go retrieve tack from trailer and clean it.

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