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making preparations for the blue-crack time

Oh, man. Yesterday at the gym I apparently had the invisible neon sign glowing above my head, "Please give advice."

The first one was a woman who was on the stretching mat next to me and elflet. He was doing some work on my trigger points (like the foam roller, only nastier), and she decided this was a good time to talk about me in the third person, PLUS recommend steady-state cardio. I didn't bite her head off, but that's only because I was busy not screaming.

And then there was the trainer who cornered us at the end of our workout. Trainer-guy is a wrestler and coach from somewhere in eastern Europe, and has the accent to prove it. Now, I don't actually mind being lectured on basic biochemistry, but get your facts right. And, lucky me, I drew yet another recommendation for steady-state cardio (and I should be working out 5 days a week and spending 90 minutes per workout.)

What really got me going was when he asked how much weight I could push on the leg press, and I told him my max squat. When he responded, "but how much you leg press?" I said I hadn't been on the leg press in months (true). Then he started lecturing me on how exercise diversity is good(!)

Damn. It's enough to make a girl buy her own squat rack. Except I really really like having the hot tub available for afterwards.

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