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It occurred to me to put a stone under the gutter where the soil always washes away, and to take a pruning shears to the pyracantha. (Who, fer cryin' out loud, plants a shrub called firethorn next to a walkway? The people who built my house, that's who...) But that didn't take a lot of effort. What has me polishing my butch badge is that this weekend I ALSO:

1) successfully swapped out the old fluorescent tubes in my laundry room, which have been blinky-annoying for a while, and

2) figured out what was preventing one of my windows from shutting (screen frame collapsing into the track).

HAH. Take THAT, Deferred Maintenance Acres.

Yes, I also bought a 6' gate and didn't install it, but I cite forward progress.

I'm also contemplating cutting my hair.

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