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and I feel so good / feel so fine - Ambar — LiveJournal
March 26th, 2010
05:54 pm


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and I feel so good / feel so fine
Plowed through first GTD review in *way* too long, courtesy of a bit of coaching on Twitter this morning. Surprised, though I shouldn't be, at how much I've (happily and easily) finished up since. Just blowing the cobwebs out of the brain, seems like, or oiling the gears.

My biggest takeway from the process was about the mind sweep. Once I understood that it really was about "anything I have my attention on" -- whether or NOT it's already in my system in some way -- dumping notes about it onto paper was suddenly effortless. Later I can go through and say "check, check, already here, already here, oh, *there's* a new idea", but trying to filter out things in the middle of the process just clogs it all up.

Also, it's Friday, and the wifi is working on the train, and plenty of water at my elbow. What a lovely day.

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