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Sable and the Big Water, part II

Tsutomu came down from Incline Village late last night; the fires were burning close enough that he was beginning to have serious trouble breathing.

Today I hammered more work into shape (mostly a matter of calling and bugging people about this or that thing) and finally declared myself done and "outta here" at 3pm.

Tsutomu wanted to play with his kayak, so we picked a likely-looking nearby lake, packed up Sable, and went.

We first investigated the bottoms of the various boat launch ramps. It was quite silty (probably because the lake looked to be some 30' off the high water mark). Not nearly as crowded as one would expect on Friday of Labor Day weekend.

We took Sable down a closed ramp, so we wouldn't be in the way of traffic, and let her investigate. Her initial response to the lake waves was exactly the opposite of her response to the ocean -- she'd jump back from an incoming wave, then investigate tentatively as it went out, then jumped again when the next one came in.

Then she decided to go swimming. I had her on the 16' Flexi lead, and she was dogpaddling happily -- positively businesslike, motoring through the water. She'd hit the end of the leash, and I'd point her back in towards me. We had fun with this for a while, until Tsutomu and I decided we were done, and we headed back up the ramp. The Flexi has a plastic handle, which by this point was wet and muddy. Sure enough, Sable plunged back into the water and pulled it right out of my hand.

She appeared to be aiming right at the center of the lake. I was terrified that she was going to get tangled in something (like the damned Flexi) and go down, or get flattened by a boat or eaten by the local equivalent of the Loch Ness monster (you're right, I wasn't thinking terribly clearly).

Instead she amused herself for a while, swimming in big arcs, then started working her way down the shore (an arc, a rest on the shore. Another arc, further away from me, another rest on the shore....) Naturally, I was screaming her name (and anything else that came to mind). Naturally, she serenely ignored me (I don't have to be obedient here, you haven't trained me here).

Anyway, we worked our way down the silty shore and finally retrieved a very muddy, pleased dog whose Flexi was wound around her hock six or eight times (that wasn't so pleasing). I got pretty silty too. Tsutomu mostly got amused. "I've never seen her ignore you like that before."

Never let it be said that dogs won't humiliate their owners under the proper circumstances. :-)

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