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a cornucopia sort of day

I declined to go into the Bay Area this week, as it's a short week to begin with, and not being able to take Sable into the office any more complicates things.

The plan for 2-dog living is to take the train in on the designated day -- I'm considering changing the designated day, at least for this semester -- while leaving Talus in the outside dog run, and Sable closed in my bedroom. If I leave and return on the last train available, I'm gone about 14 hours -- which is pretty miserable, but it only has to happen once a week. Sable easily has the control for it, and Talus will be outside, making questions of housebreaking irrelevant.

I made 'splosively hot chili for dinner (which means there is lunch for another week or so :-) Have makings for cauliflower salad, and I hardboiled the eggs for it this morning, but don't feel like any more cooking tonight.

I actually accomplished work today (fireworks! roses! cheering crowds!). Tomorrow I will have to shake up the hardware team again to get moving on the next project. Or perhaps I will cut them a break and just work on sendmail configuration cleanups (boo! hiss!).

It was a communicative day all around. I was feeling nervous about not having heard from Yohannon for what felt like a week (was it? not sure), so I fired him an email note today, and it came back with a "could not deliver for 4 hours" warning note attached. So clearly something was up, but I was surprised and happy to hear from him when he called. (His ISP folded with no warning, and he was good and wound. I helped find a temporary solution, though.) And we may get together on Friday, which would be utterly lovely.

Lovelier yet was a long talk with Kawaii, who travels weekly to San Diego now that school has started. We compared notes on last weekend's class and play party, on our different styles of and experience with BDSM, and on our relationship, which is looking like overflowing any reasonable definition of friendship, or "suffer[ing] a sea-change / Into something rich and strange." In any case, the sort of conversation so dense with truth that the soul departs well-fed.

Quite a change for the person who four or five years ago was convinced that she had dried up emotionally and was no longer capable of falling in love. *giggle* This would be, what, three times in a year? With three very different people. Mirable dictu!

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